9mm 124gr Round Nose
9mm 124gr Round Nose
9mm 124gr Round Nose

9mm 124gr Round Nose

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Our re-manufactured 9mm 124gr round nose bullets are the perfect round for your training days. Built with a soft recoil load, at a price point that you wont hesitate to send down range. Designed to run smoothly, and reliably in PCC’s, and guaranteed to meet USPSA power factor requirements!

Built with Vihtavuori clean burning powder. Their use of only the finest of raw materials is a renowned characteristic of all Vihtavuori powders.  The clean-burning characteristics of their powders result in greatly reduced carbon build-up and powder fouling, ultimately giving longer barrel life. Vihtavuori powders also include a decoppering agent.  These allow you to shoot longer between cleanings

Every round we produce is put through our extreme QC process to ensure reliability and repeatability. 

50 round quantities are packaged in clear, plastic containers.  

250, 500, and 1,000 round bulk quantities are packaged in 6 mil plastic bags with an enclosed water absorbent pack to ensure reliability if stored long term.


Muzzle Velocity: 1035 Feet Per Second

OAL: 1.135"

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