Tim Panic - Competitive Multigunner

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I started my multigun career two years ago in April 2017, and I was hooked. I was fortunate to go to a local club that has some top-level shooters, and I saw what real speed and accuracy looked like.I loved the comradery within the sport and the drive of other competitors to help new shooters succeed. I dove headfirst into learning about the best equipment, my Christensen Arms CA15 being one of my first rifle purchases specifically for 3 gun. I loved the unique look of the carbon fiber barrel, and that it was a locally owned company.

Because of the support from fellow shooters I was able to learn so much, and I wanted to push myself until I find my limit. Throughout the last couple of yearsI have met so many awesome people and have been lucky enough to train with the best. This has pushed my abilities farther than I could have alone. This year, I was thrilled to finish First in 2x4 Open at the 2019 Limcat custom UML District 1 championship, and Second in 2x4 Open for the 2019 Cedar Valley Multigun championship, and the 2019 Sig Sauer UML Multigun championship.

I am still learning every match and growing as a shooter.  I cannot wait to see what the future holds and where I end up.


2019 Achievements:

2nd2019 USSL Multigun Championship

1st  2019 Limcat Custom District 1 Championship

2nd2019 Cedar Valley District 2 Championship