Terms & Shipping Information

Returns & Refunds

Our Return Policy: It is likely that orders cancelled within 30 days from the initial time of purchase will incur a 10% restocking fee but, due to the nature of ammunition, returns will be investigated on a case by case basis.

Impact Ammo address restrictions:

We will not ship to addresses in the following states/areas:

• Outside of the United States
• The state of Hawaii
• The state of Massachusetts
• The state of Alaska
• Los Angeles, California
• Oakland, California
• Marin County, California

Some states legally require that state licenses be emailed to and kept on file by the seller:
• Connecticut – Required to send Connecticut State ID along with corresponding current pistol or long gun permit, for pistol caliber and rifle caliber firearms respectively

• Illinois – Required to send copy Illinois state ID with name and birth date along with corresponding FOID card or Illinois CCW. The shipping address MUST be listed as an address on the Illinois State ID. Billing address is not affected.

• Washington D.C. – Copy of a Valid Firearms Registration Certificate is required.