9mm Processed Brass
9mm Processed Brass
9mm Processed Brass

9mm Processed Brass

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Impact Ammo brass processing will take the hassle out of reloading for you, and save you time! 

Our 9mm Processed brass goes through multiple steps to ensure you are getting the highest quality product. 

Our in house process start to finish

  • Removal of all steel and aluminum cases, and sorted by caliber.
  • Tumble washed to remove all traces of lead, carbon and other impurities.
  • Tumble dried in media, polishing them in the process.
  • Head stamp sorted to ensure removal of any stepped cases which can cause case head separation even after just one reload.
  • Commercial machinery de-primes, primer pocket swages, full length sizes and trims them.
  • Washed a second time to remove any lubricants, brass shavings, or remaining impurities.
  • Dried and tumbled in media again, removing all moisture to prevent oxidizing, and polishing to a perfect shine. 

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